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September 27, 2021

How You Can Reduce False Alarms from Charleston Home Security Systems

False alarms have the potential to be an issue for home security systems. These events can be costly and cause your insurance rates to increase, but they don't have to go that far! You are able to minimize false alarms from your Charleston home security system by ensuring each member of your family is educated on using it. Smart recommendations like setting up text alerts to your phone when a sensor is triggered, using automation, and selecting a home security installer that uses around-the-clock monitoring will keep the police from going to your residence as a result of a false alarm.

Educate Family Members On Your Home Security System

In the event you have adolescents present, be certain they are instructed on how to use the home security system and they comprehend how it's an integral part of the safety of your home. If you keep pets in the house, it’s wise to show them what will occur in the event the alarm sounds - the majority of home defense systems emanate a loud warning signal out of integrated speakers or other devices when an alarm is triggered.You can teach your furry friends to remain calm.

Get Smartphone Notifications So You Are Able To Figure Out If You’re Having A False Alarm

A mobile alert won't stop a Charleston false security alarm, but it might keep emergency professionals from hurrying to your house. Smart systems like packages from ADT will deliver text alerts straight to your smartphone from the integrated security application when the home security system goes off. It's a nice benefit when you're not at home to know right away when your alarms go off. When you use video surveillance, you are able to do a visual inspection and determine if there’s anything to worry about.

Automation Is A Smart Choice To Turn off Your Home Defense

Incorporating home automation with your security package is a smart choice to prevent false alarms. The most common cause of false alarms in Charleston is owing to the fact that the system is mistakenly still activated when you or your family members are on site. Simply enter through the front door, and the alarm triggers. But you can deactivate your system per a predetermined schedule, like when your children get off the bus after school. If incorporating an automated element like an entry lock, you are even able to set your alarms to disengage every time the lock is initiated with the proper PIN.

Turn To Around-The-Clock Monitoring For False Alarm Support

The best way to limit false alarms is by choosing a home alarm company that offers 24-7 monitoring in Charleston. These dedicated professionals will inspect your activated alarms if they detect any activity going on at your property. Once determined, they are able to contact you to confirm it isn’t a false alarm. If a false alarm is established, they will remotely reset your system. If it appears you do in fact have an intruder, your monitoring specialist will contact the police.

Install An ADT Alarm System To Minimize False Security Alarms In Charleston

It is important to remember that your home’s security system won’t prevent criminal activity, but it will help ensure your family’s safety and make your house more secure. ADT plans also include integrated automation and around-the-clock monitoring that plays a critical role in preventing false alarms. Dial (304) 220-0469 or complete our contact form below and one of our specialists will assist you in creating your ideal security system.