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March 01, 2022

Charleston Home Automation 101

Would you like to have another level of flexibility and peace of mind in your busy lifestyle? Do you know a little about smart homes and want to learn how to equip your own property? This simple tutorial -- Charleston’s Home Automation 101 -- is intended to illustrate how you might utilize innovative, connected equipment to make your daily routine easier and more energy-efficient.

You will bring home automation to home security with toftal assurance, and have your home's lights, locking systems, thermostat, and even more connected devices serve your specific preferences.

What Is Home Automation In Charleston?

If you already own or have plans to purchase a home, chances are you’ve considered the ensuing question: What is home automation in Charleston? Generally, a home automation system monitors and runs different elements at your residence, so you aren’t required to. You have the ability to prearrange items such as smart bulbs, door locks, and smart thermostats to act without you being on site. For instance, you’ll no longer have to engage a switch to illuminate a room or move a dial near your furnace room to manipulate the thermostat.

Automation brings flexibility and function to your residence

Automation may be different in every home. For example, you might fix your different elements to respond according to a schedule you’ve created with your smart hub or mobile app. Or group devices in unison to make the perfect scene for watching a movie or for bedtime. Or have various smart sensors take cues from each other to help make certain your home is safe and secure for every circumstance. You also can command your integrated systems with your voice if you join them to a wireless, virtual assistant from Amazon or Google.

Of course, you need to install a properly equipped automation package to have effective remote management, scene creation, and scheduling. Many people are most successful connecting smart home automation implements to a security system. Many security systems already have the ability to direct alarms and cameras through a centralized control panel or smartphone security app. Incorporating your automated lights, locks, and thermostat lets you administer everything from one place. In addition, using your property’s security for your home’s automated equipment means that you only have to master a solitary interface for your entire smart home.

Implement These Smart Home Ideas In Charleston

There is a range of beneficial smart home ideas for your Charleston house. Select from these options to discover a level of functionality you might not have thought was attainable:

  • Smart light bulbs: Have you ever woken up from a deep sleep and realized you neglected to turn the lights off in the living room or kitchen? How would you like to touch your mobile device and shut them off without getting up? Or put them on a schedule and have them brighten at specified times to make it seem like your house is in use when you're on vacation. You can even set your automated light bulbs to illuminate in the event your exterior cameras uncover unusual motion in the backyard.

  • Smart entry locks: The unsafe habit of leaving a key under your doormat is thankfully no longer needed if you use smart locks. Give all family members a customized code or deactivate your locks right from your mobile device. If you must provide access to a neighbor during a time when you're away, create a limited-time code and get a phone alert as the locks activate.

  • CO, flood, and fire detectors: Get instant alerts whenever an emergency strikes with connected CO, fire, and flood detectors. Investigate the condition of your devices with your phone and obtain updates if one of these devices is activated. Program other components to act in response to a triggered event, like putting your ventilation fan in motion if your monitored fire alarms activate. Your smart detectors are even connected to 24/7 security monitoring for additional protection.

  • Video cameras: Your smart indoor and outdoor video cameras have the ability to provide an unobstructed view of your home and surroundings any time you wish. See a live video stream directly on your smartphone or keep video segments in your cloud storage. Another great option is a convenient doorbell camera, which lets you know if someone walks up. You can communicate using the two-way audio capability and at the same time have your interior lights automatically flip on.

  • Smart thermostats: There's no longer a need to manipulate your thermostat dial in person. Instead, fix your smart thermostat to respond to your specific needs. To illustrate, automatically reduce the heat or A/C when you're at work. Then make your system go up to a more suitable temperature by the time you arrive. Or access your cell phone app to view the HVAC reading no matter where you are and alter it accordingly.

Enjoy The Perks Of Smart Home Automation In Charleston

Chances are, most homeowners in Charleston could benefit from a bit more convenience, peace of mind, and money savings in their daily routines. Luckily, smart home automation provides more than just an entertaining way to turn on your lights from your phone. Here's how automation yields important perks to your active life.

  • Protection: Home automation has obvious and beneficial security implications. Make your property appear occupied while you're on vacation with preprogrammed smart lights and view strangers with an automated doorbell camera. Be notified and have your house illuminate when a video camera or your alarm system is tripped. Smart locking systems, cameras, and equipment like CO and fire detectors all help establish an enhanced level of security for your property.

  • Reduce your stress: When using the scheduling feature, you won’t have to think about turning off your lighting or securing your entryways, as your system will take care of it for you. Monitor your various implements when you're gone, and direct almost every feature of your configuration from any location. Customize scenes like nighttime that balance your devices in the perfect manner to achieve the ideal light levels and comfort settings. You might even instruct your AI assistant on how you wish to have your surroundings and see your home respond in an instant.

  • Reduce energy bills: A leading reason to implement home automation is how it will allow you to save money. When it comes down to it, there are some folks in your residence who forget to do basic chores like switch off lights. When you put your home’s lighting on a schedule, you can stop burning electricity throughout the day. Decrease energy bills by altering the temperature for when you're gone. Did you neglect to lower the air when you went on a family excursion? No problem, as you’re able to adjust it right from your hotel room.

Want More Than Home Automation 101 In Charleston?

If you're thinking, "how was I able to function without smart home automation in the past," you’re ready to schedule a consultation with your security experts. We are here to show you what’s possible -- from smart lights to security cameras -- and tailor the ideal plan for you. Simply dial (304) 220-0469 or submit the following form.